Judicial Discretion – Theoretical and Empirical Analysis


Judicial Discretion – Theoretical and Empirical Analysis

With the Participation of

Prof. Lee Epstein, Provost Professor of Law and Political Science, University of Southern California

Wednesday, March 19th 2014, 14:00, IDC Herzliya Campus
 Academic Organizers: Prof. Alon Klement and Dr. Ruth Zafran


14:00 – How Do Judges Decide – Empirical Insights

Dr. Rivka Weill | IDC Herzliya – Panel Chair

Prof. Eyal Zamir & Prof. Doron Teichman | Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Behavioral Analysis of Judicial Decision-Making – Achievements and Challenges

Prof. Yoram Shachar | IDC Herzliya: Inside the Supreme Court of Israel – Decision-Making in Small Panels

Dr. Keren Weinshall-Margel | Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Decision-making in Judicial Versus Political Institutions – An Empirical Case Study of Inter-Institutional Dynamics

Dr. Shay Lavie | Tel Aviv University: Are Judges Tied to the Past? Evidence from Jurisdiction Cases

Prof. Lee Epstein | University of Southern California – Comments

16:30 – Judicial Discretion – Descriptive and Normative Analysis

Prof. Alon Klement | IDC Herzliya – Panel Chair

Prof. Lee Epstein | University of Southern California: Judicial Behavior

Prof. Aharon Barak | Former Israeli Supreme Court President, IDC Herzliya: Judges as People and People as Judges

18:30 – How Should Judges Decide – Theoretical and Institutional Insights

Prof. Amnon Reichman | Haifa University – Panel Chair

Prof. Alon Harel | Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Why Constitutional Rights Matter?

Prof. Gad Barzilai | Haifa University: Why do Courts Incline to be Majoritarian – Judicial Decision Making and National Security

Dr. Ori Aronson | Bar-Ilan University: Enforcing Court Decisions on State Actors – An Institutional Framework

Prof. Lee Epstein | University of Southern California – Comments


* The number of seats is limited; your participation is dependent upon registration by March 5th 2014

To register, please contact shirganon1@gmail.com

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