A New Era in Taxation


IDC Law Review (Law & Business) cordially invites you to a Symposium:

"A New Era in Taxation"

In honor of

Prof. Nancy Staudt, University of Southern California

Vice Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs

Edward G. Lewis Chair in Law and Public Policy

Monday, March 17th 2014, 12:00, IDC Herzliya Campus
Academic Organizers: Dr. Rifat Azam and Dr. Ruth Zafran
The symposium will be held in English


12:00: Greetings

Prof. Sharon Rabin-Margalioth | Dean of Radzyner Law School, IDC Herzliya

Keynote Address

Prof. Nancy Staudt | University of Southern California: Corporate Shams around the World

12:45: Tax Base Erosion and Profit Shifting

Dr. Rifat Azam | IDC Herzliya – Panel Chair

Prof. Tsilly Dagan | Bar-Ilan University: Tax Policy in an Era of Globalization

Dr. Tamir Shanan | The College of Management Academic Studies: Replacing the Transfer Pricing Regime with Formulary Apportionment Approach in the International Settings

Dr. Rifat Azam | IDC Herzliya: New Stage in the Multinationals v. The International Tax Regime Game: Some Thoughts on the OECD Action Plan on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting

14:15: Coffee Break

14:30: Current Issues in Tax Policy

Dr. Adam Shinar | IDC Herzliya – Panel Chair

Prof. Yoram Margalioth | Tel-Aviv University: Why (and how) Income Tax should be Imposed at the Household Level?

Dr. Sagit Leviner | Ono Academic College: Comparative Evaluation of Tax Policy-Making in Israel: Exploring the Trajectories – Where are we Coming from and What Lays Ahead

Dr. Jacob Nussim | Bar-Ilan University: The Tax Treatment of Losses

16:00: Comments & Closing Remarks

Prof. Nancy Staudt | University of Southern California


*The number of seats is limited; your participation is dependent upon registration by March 3th 2014.

To register, please contact anatlior22@gmail.com

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